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Natural help with rheumatism

Boswellia extract relieves the symptoms of rheumatism .

Boswellia sacra with vitamin D3 helps with chronic and acute pain, not only is this applicable to inflammed joints but also soft tissue rheumatism.

Arthrovital® works, with the help of bio-active ingredients, for inflammation against acute and chronic pain. The inflammation retarding process stops Arthritis and the joints recover therefore reducing pain.

Immediate relief after the first tablet.

Indications are soft part and joint rheumatism. For patients with rheumatic complications Arthrovital® is a wise alternative. As a compliment to standard medication for rheumatism, the plant  Substrate increases the effectiveness of the therapy.

Arthrovital® is completely free of side effects, especially inflammation of the stomach lining, which is common in standard rheumatic medicines.

Optimum help with no side effects.

Arthrovital® is available in all pharmacies.  (PZN: 3208190)

Another innovation from Dr. Auer®.

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