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How does  Arthrovital® work?

Boswellia extract relieves the symptoms of rheumatism .Boswellia sacra with vitamin D3 helps with chronic and acute pain, not only is this applicable to inflammed joints but also soft tissue rheumatism. Arthrovital® works, with the help of bio-active ingredients, for inflammation against acute and chronic pain. The inflammation retarding process stops Arthritis and the joints recover therefore reducing pain. Vitamin D is an essential element for bones.

How often must I take Arthrovital® ?

Recommended daily dosage of Arthrovital® 3 capsules. According to the complaint take 1– 3 times daily, unchewed, with fluids. Arthrovital® should be taken over a long period of time for optimum results.

Where does Boswellia sacra originate from?

Boswellia sacra has been cultivated in the Arabian peninsula for hundreds of years. Boswellia has been used since ancient times to treat rheumatism and western studies have proven the workings. The contents of Arthrovital® is of the highest quality and produced under the strictest quality control.

How does Arthrovital® differ from other medications?

Athrovital® utilizes Boswellia extract to stem inflammation. Through the suppression of inflammation by means of  Zytokine, an anti arthritic effect is attained as soon as the inflammation destroys the articular cartilage. Furthermore with Arthrovital® there is no fear of stomach lining inflammation.

Are there any side effects?

Up to date no side effects are known, this applies especially to the inflammation of the stomach lining which is common in treatment of Rheumatism.

Are there any adverse reactions with other medications?

Up to date none have been recorded, but please consult your doctor on this matter.

Can I take Arthrovital® during menstrual cycles?


Where can I buy Arthrovital®?

In all pharmacies

Do I need a prescription?

No, Arthrovital® can be bought over the counter



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